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In Memory of Hal Cohen

The Hal Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund (HCMSF) was established in January of 2018 to honor the memory of Hal Cohen- retired educator, actor, husband, and friend. Earning degrees in Journalism, Communications, and Literature, Hal’s first act was performing and directing in professional theatre. After a time, Hal changed roles and entered the field of education, where he enjoyed a long and esteemed career at Egg Harbor Township High School. A truly gifted teacher, Hal taught English, literature, and numerous electives such as Creative Writing, Media, and Theatre Arts. He eventually served as Supervisor of the English department until his retirement.

Whether he was their teacher, coach, or director, many of his former students credit him with having a tremendous impact on their lives. He instilled in them an appreciation of literature and the arts, challenged them to think critically and take risks, and inspired many to pursue careers in writing, theatre, or education. Although we are all saddened by his passing, we are confident that his spirit lives on in the lives of those who were inspired by his quick wit, intellect, and talents as an educator, and as a man. It is comforting to know that his legacy will continue onto future generations through the lives and successes of all who knew him.

By memorializing Mr. Cohen through a scholarship honoring his achievements as an educator, the mission of this scholarship hopes to continue his legacy by supporting students as they pursue higher education in the fields of the humanities. Whether they choose a career in journalism, writing, performing arts, or education, we hope to help them fulfill their ambitions and make a positive impact on society.

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